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Welcome Back DLMS Familia!

Dear DLMS Community,

What an adventure the 2020-2021 school year has been! Thanks to our teachers, staff, parents and of course our wonderful students, in spite of all its challenges, this year gave us the opportunity to make wonderful memories together. 

After the last year of functioning in a fully virtual, and then hybrid setting we are excited to return to five full days of in-person instruction in the building. Due to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic we will continue to implement safety measures as established by the CDC. This will include the requirement for all students to wear masks while indoors, social distancing of at least 3 feet between students where practicable, and regular handwashing and/or access to hand sanitizers. All visitors to our campus will also be required to wear masks. We will continue to implement these measures as our Superintendent determines are needed to ensure that our staff and students’ safety and well-being are prioritized.

This year we will renew our commitment to excellence in all that we do, as we seek to provide world class instruction daily with the expectation that all students can learn and succeed. I am excited about all that this new school year has to offer and look forward to working collectively as a family to ensure that our students are provided with the best educational experience possible to be critical thinkers, responsible citizens, and prepared to be successful in their endeavors after middle school. It is going to be an amazing year.


Principal Kristina Jelinek

Assistant Principal Anshu Prabha

Beginning Wednesday, September 1, the NYC Department of Education will host a series of virtual Back to School Family Forums for families of NYC public school students across the five boroughs.

Featuring DOE leaders, including Chancellor Meisha Porter, and health experts from the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, each forum provides families with the opportunity to learn more about what they can expect for the 2021–22 school year, including classroom health practices, academic policy, and COVID-19 testing procedures.


Translation services will be available, and online registration is recommended.

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