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Mission: The Dual Language Middle School is dedicated to the continued development of bilingual/ biliterate students through a strong academic program in English and Spanish. The Dual Language Middle School fosters pride in children’s heritage as well as an appreciation for the cultures of others. We believe that developing linguistically and culturally diverse students leads to higher levels of language proficiency, achievement, and self-esteem.

Vision: The Dual Language Middle School’s vision is to provide a place where bilingual/bicultural urban students can study in an environment that recognizes and celebrates their cultural identities.


  • Serve as a guide in instructing students on proper classroom behavior

  • Help teachers keep records for grading and attendance

  • Get materials and equipment ready to help teachers prepare for class

  • Reinforce lessons by reviewing material one-on-one and in small groups with students

  • Supervise students during lunch or recess, as well as in between classes or on field trips

  • Assist students who need additional help learning a specific concept

Long & Short Term Substitutes

  • Follow lesson plans provided by the regular Teacher to create a cohesive and consistent learning experience for students

  • Manage the classroom effectively to encourage student participation, minimize distractions and maintain a positive learning environment

  • Adapt teaching methods to fit the needs of each individual student

  • Supervise students in and out of the classroom, including in the halls, on the playground and in the cafeteria

  • Provide in-class and at-home assignments based on the available lesson plan

  • For long-term substitutes: develop lesson plans and assignments consistent with the regular teacher’s past lesson plans.

School Aide

  • Communicate with families regarding attendance, field trips and other school events

  • Ensure student safety during breakfast, lunch and recess

  • Organize and distribute supplies

  • General clerical work


  • Evidence of self-motivation, willingness to be a team player, and has a strong sense of personal responsibility.

  • Ideal candidates are hard-working, urgent, energetic, and are willing to learn and adapt.

  • Is extremely reflective and constantly wants to improve.

  • is flexible and enjoys working in a dynamic environment.

  • A strong candidate will possess strong organizational skills, communication skills (particularly with children), and problem solving skills.

If interested please email Principal Jelinek with your resume and your availability. 

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