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Welcome to the Dual Language Middle School’s Mathematics Program. As a program we are:

  • Highly challenging: it leaves students fully prepared for high school coursework after the 8th grade. The next three years will help our students develop their math skills far beyond the expectations of the city and other schools. All of our students' hard work will be rewarded with a strong educational future. 

  • A rigorous program: it's based on the New York State and Common Core Mathematics standards. Students focus on the five mathematical content strands including Number Sense and Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Statistics and Probability.  Students engage in problem solving and projects that require them to apply mathematical skills in real-world contexts and explain their understandings.   

In order to ensure students’ success in the classroom the Mathematics Department has certain expectations for all students: 

  • We expect students to come to class everyday with their homework completed and that they are rested and ready to learn.  

  • We expect students to take responsibility for their own learning by asking questions, making up missed work, and contacting teachers when necessary.

As a Department, we are aiming for each student to achieve an average of 80% mastery on all of the mathematics skills set forth for their grade. There are several components that contribute to the achievement of this goal.



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Ms. Perez


  • Course Syllabus


Ms. Fatima


  • Course Syllabus

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Mr. Fleming


  • Course Syllabus


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