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The Amplify Science instructional model allows students to access their prior knowledge to connect past learning experiences to the present and emphasizes the use of evidence-based reasoning for scientific explanations and engineering solutions in order to communicate recommendations to address real world problems. Each unit is constructed as a compelling storyline which begins by engaging learners in a puzzling, relevant scientific phenomenon or engineering problem.

Throughout the units, students develop the scientific understanding needed to explain the phenomenon or design a solution through the collection of evidence, and in this way they learn  about," important science concepts. Students have the opportunity to ask questions and define problems about the natural and designed world, design investigations in which they collect and analyze trends and patterns in their data, closely read and annotate science texts, engage in argument form evidence in both writing and through discourse with their peers, develop conceptual scientific models of physical phenomena, and communicate their findings from their investigations.


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  • 6th Grade Course Syllabus

  • 7th Grade Course Syllabus


Mrs. Soler


  • Course Syllabus

6th & 7th

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