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R.E.A.C.H Values at Dual Language Middle School
The Dual Language Middle School perceives character development as an integral part of the middle school experience and works to nurture and promote the development of sound character. The elements of sound character that the school has identified as essential for community are:
Respect and Responsibility
Respect involves treating oneself and others with dignity: accepting and celebrating our differences. Respect should be extended not only to members of the DLMS community, but also to the community at large.
Responsibility includes fulfilling our obligations to each other and to the school, taking action when we encounter a problem that needs to be solved, and taking responsibility for our actions especially when it requires leadership and courage.
Enthusiasm requires you to keep an open mind and do things with a positive attitude. No whining, complaining, or pouting even when an activity is new, hard, or not interesting to me.  We participate appropriately and with positive energy and do not talk or distract others. Enthusiasm includes following directions the first time and giving your best effort every time. Following the dress code and keeping a neat and clean appearance, participating actively in class activities, and asking and answering questions thoughtfully are all ways to demonstrate enthusiasm.
Achievement means doing your absolute best – TOP QUALITY – work on all assignments. You complete all homework and independent reading every night and keep your binders, notebooks, and book bag neat, clean, and organized. The achievement value requires setting high goals for yourself and always demonstrating progress towards meeting high standards. Missed work is always made up.
Citizenship has four elements: integrity, generosity, honesty, and fairness.
  • Integrity: Integrity means maintaining our commitments to our individual moral values. As we build integrity, we develop the ability to stand up for what is right. Integrity requires taking responsibility for your actions and accepting the consequences without making excuses, blaming others, or worrying about what consequences others may receive.
  • Generosity: Generosity involves helping others, both at the Dual Language Middle School and elsewhere. It is a natural outgrowth of compassion and refers to a willingness to take action—to give—when needed.  Working well with teammates to complete assignments and helping others without being asked or expecting anything in return are ways to demonstrate generosity.
  • Honesty: Honesty requires that we be truthful both in our academic work and in other areas of our lives. Honesty means always telling the truth. You must do your own work and only get help from others when it is appropriate.
  • Fairness: Fairness means to treat all people in a just and appropriate manner. 
Hard Work
Hard work means coming to school every day and arriving on time. Hard working students come to class ready to start the day with all necessary books and materials. Hard work requires that you commit two eyes, two ears, and one big brain to listening and learning. Never giving up when you are given an assignment or asked a question. Trying your best and asking for help from a teacher or classmate even if it means giving up free time to get extra help demonstrates hard work.
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